On Being Stripped 

On Being Stripped 
Epic failure, rockbottom, loss
Lose every ‘thing’ to gain everything.

Surprisingly, nothingness can teach us more than anything.

I was reading a blog post and laughing as I could relate to the tale of two parents stripping their child’s room of all belongings with stipulations for earning them back one at a time as a lesson for an unacceptable sense of entitlement. Been there. Done that.

The article went on to detail the very time consuming task of removing absolutely every belonging the child claimed as his, everything that resembled comfort, including his brother, and the tedious explanation of the re-earning of said belongings. I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered this necessary, albeit frustrating-as-all-get-out, parenting duty, and the great feelings of joy when your child finally relinquishes their outlandish demands, learns the lesson, and suddenly but sincerely becomes respectful, kind, and grateful rather than spoiled, rude and deserving.

I shared the post with a couple friends whom I knew could appreciate the humor and the overarching lessons for the current generation of children and the future of our country. They each responded in kind, but one of my dear friends got something a bit more out of it; a complete spiritual revelation, clear and unmistakeable insight from the Holy Spirit, as he was suddenly made aware of his place as the child in his very own stripping and earning process as his almighty Father is currently teaching him some lessons about humility, gratitude, and many other forgotten characteristics.

As painful as it is, sometimes it takes being stripped of everything that makes us feel secure and comfortable to remember that we are dependent little children who must patiently rely on our Father for everything we need, and be content with what He deems necessary for us.

However, even in the midst of losing every ‘thing’, we can step outside of our situation for just a minute, and thank our God for loving us so much that He would take the time to remove everything, to listen to our incessant complaining, ignorant rebuttals, and still bestow mercy on us as He not only allows us to earn back some of our beloved creature comforts, but surprises us with vast improvements in what we were so attached to.

Just like the child in the story who soon realized that compliance would drastically improve his situation, we will fare much better when we learn to surrender our strong willed defiance and allow God to mold us freely without resistance. Remind yourself daily, maybe hourly, that every possession in your path belongs to Him, you are only allowed to borrow or babysit it temporarily and what you do with it during that time may effect how long you have the privilege of experiencing it.

For reference, the inspiration for this post came from the article ‘On Parenting and Politics and Clearing Everything From My Kid’s Room,’ by the insightful Logan Wolfram.

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